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About BYD -Full Form and Origin

BYD electric car means Build your dream car, BYD (Build Your Dream) is a Chinese car manufacturing company founded by Wang Chuanfu in February 1995.

It is known as the first automaker and is popular for its three core technologies: new energy-powered vehicles (EVs) with battery, electric motor, and electric control.

BYD also offers a whole product assembly service. The company’s main business is designing, manufacturing, and selling rechargeable batteries, photovoltaic products, mobile handset components, and other electronic products.

Its headquarters is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, and it operates across the US, Europe, Japan, India, Hong Kong, and other regions. BYD Auto and BYD Electronic are the two major subsidiaries of the BYD company.

The automobile products offered by BYD include high-end, medium-end, and low-end cars, as well as whole car molds, auto parts, DM (dual mode), and pure electric vehicles.

The company’s net worth is 16.6 billion (2022) with 104.24 billion in equity (2023). It employs 288,200 people as of 2021.

BYD has experienced rapid growth in just 10 years, capturing more than half of the world’s mobile phone battery market. It has become the largest Chinese manufacturer and is among the top four worldwide.

BYD Electric Price

BYD has launched its all-electric e6 MPV in the Indian market with a price of Rs. 29.15 lakh. Initially available for commercial and fleet buyers, it is now also available for private buyers in major cities such as Delhi, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Chennai, and Kochi.

BYD Electric car variants Available in India

The e6 is the only all-electric MPV easily accessible for purchase in India. The e6 MPV comes in two variants: GS and GLX. It features a regenerative braking system and supports DC fast charging, which allows for a 30-80 percent charge in just 35 minutes.

BYD E6 Battery & Charging Time

A full charge takes approximately 90 minutes. The top speed of the e6 MPV is 130 kmph, and it can run up to 520 km (city range) on a single full charge. The car comes with a three-year warranty and 125,000 km coverage, with the battery cells covered for eight years or 500,000 km, and the traction motor covered for eight years and 150,000 km.

One notable feature of the BYD e6 is its Blade Battery technology, and it offers a spacious boot space of 580 liters. The e6 is available in three different colors: Blue, Doctor Black, and Crystal White. The battery capacity of the E6 MPV is 71.7 kWh.

In terms of driving experience, the e6 offers full comfort and suitability. Its design includes LED lights in the front, leather seats, and 6-way adjustable driver and front passenger seats. It also comes with a 10.1-inch rotatable touch screen that supports WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Overall, the BYD e6 MPV provides an attractive option for individuals seeking an all-electric MPV in India, with its impressive range, fast charging capabilities, and desirable features.

BYD E6 Launch Date

BYD e6 MPV was launched In August 2022

BYD E6 Price

25.15 Lakh is the ex- showroom price in Indian Market.

BYD Electric Car Performance

Battery Capacity71.7 kWh
Motor Type AC Permanent Magnet and Synchronous Motor
Max power70 PS
Maw torque180 Nm
Range520 km
Battery typeLithium iron phosphate battery
Battery warranty8 years
Charging time (A.C)1 hour 30 minutes
Transmission typeAutomatic transmission
 Gear boxSingle gear

BYD Electric Car Specification

Charging time1 hour 30 minutes
Battery capacity71.7 kWh
Max power (bhp@rpm)94 bhp
Max torque (nm@rpm)180Nm
Seating capacity5 seater
Range415 km
Body typeSUV

BYD Electric car Features

Power SteeringYES
Power windows frontYES
Anti lock braking systemYES
Air conditionerYES
Driver airbagYES
Passenger airbagYES
Automatic climate controlYES
Alloy wheelsYES
Multi – function steering wheelYES

BYD Electric car Charging time.

Company claims charging time of 1.5 hours with DC CCS2 60kw charger, Whereas the AC Type2 6kw charger will take 12 hours to fully charge the battery. Company also claims that on highway with DC charger you can do fast charging from 30-80 percent charging in 35 minutes and and to full charging it take 90 minutes.

BYD Electric Car Mileage

Company claims the mileage of 520km in city and combined mileage of 415km when drive in both city and highway, City mileage is better due to frequent braking which generates power and that power is stored in battery.

BYD Electric car Battery Warranty and life

The warranty of battery is eight years and 5,00,000 km and the guarantee of vehicle is three years and 1,25,000km.

Source- Autocar Youtube


In BYD e6 car have all type In – built music system with Wifi and Bluethoot connection.


This car have blade battery that represent it is 100 % safe on road.


Customer rate this car 4.3 out of 5 because of large internal space , innovative feature , there look ,comfort, mileage , performance , power, music system, and colors.

BYD ELECTRIC CAR price City wise :

According to the city the price will change Mumbai = 30.96 lakh , Bangalore = 30.96 lakh , Delhi = 31.00 lakh ,  Puna = 30.96 Lakh , Navi Mumbai = 30.96 lakh , Ahmedabad = 32.71 lakh  , Chennai , 32.24 lakh , Nagpur = 32.10 lakh. 


Through online sites people can buy that car.  


There seems to be no direct rivals of BYD E6, but similar cars within same range and price are Hyundai Kona and MG ZSEV

Should I buy this car?

According to the features and public rating it is the one of the best car. Book your test ride to feel the car.

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FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

Is BYD E6 available in automatic transmission ?

Yes. BYD E6 available in automatic variants.

Is BYD E6 available in petrol version?

No. Currently there is no petrol engine option available on BYD E6.

BYD E6 available in diesel version?

No. Currently there is no diesel engine option available on BYD E6.

What is torque of BYD E6?

The torque of BYD E6 is 180Nm.

What is the kerb weight of BYD E6?

The kerb weight of BYD E6 is 2380 Kg.

What type of airbags available in BYD E6?

There are Driver, Passenger and Side Front airbags available in the top model of BYD E6

What are the colors available in BYD E6?

BYD E6 is available in 3 colors: Doctor Black ,Crystal White and Blue

Is BYD E6 available through CSD canteen?

Yes, BYD E6 is available through CSD canteen.

What are the automatic variants of BYD E6?

BYD E6 base model comes with Automatic gear shifting. The base Automatic variant E6 Electric starts at Rs. 29.15 Lakh

What are the top variants of BYD E6 ?

BYD E6 is available in 1 variants electric.

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