Unleash the Power of the Tata Tiago EV

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Experience the future Tata Tiago EV, a true example of sustainable mobility, clean energy, Zero emission and Greener tomorrow. Tiago EV is designed for environment friendly drivers who wants to impact positive change in environment, This car will create a Electric mobility revolution in India with its unique features, stunning looks, range and affordability.

Tata Tiago EV

Tata Motors has been doing amazing work since the launch of Tata motors, Tata is working on Electric vehicles, sustainable transportation, network of charging stations. The first practical EV was launched by Tata motors in India- Tata Nexon. After the success story of Nexon, Tata motors has launched in 2023 Tata Tiago EV in the category of small hatchback.

Tata Tiago Launch date

Officially the Tata Tiago EV was launch date was on 28th Sept 2022, with 2 variants of Battery pack 19.2kWh and 24kWh, The Tata Motors got overwhelming response and got 10000 booking in a single day of launch, But the actual car delivery starts from 3rd February 2023.

Tata Tiago EV Variants

Tata motors has launched Tata Tiago EV in 7 variants, Named XE , XT, and XZ, Available Configurations of Tata Tiago EV 2023, with base price.

  • Tiago.ev XE MR ₹ 8 69 000
  • Tiago.ev XT MR ₹ 9 29 000
  • Tiago.ev XT LR ₹ 10 24 000
  • Tiago.ev XZ + LR ₹ 11 04 000
  • Tiago.ev XZ + Tech Lux LR ₹ 11 54 000
  • Tiago.ev XZ+ LR (with 7.2 kW charger) ₹ 11 54 000
  • Tiago.ev XZ+ Tech Lux LR (with 7.2 kW charger) ₹ 12 03 999

Tata Tiago EV Price

The most affordable Tata Tiago EV base variants starts with Rs 8.69 lacs and goes to 12.03 lacs for Top Model. The base variant is having a range a of 250 Km, whereas the LR options comes with 315km range at higher price.

Tata Tiago EV On road price

Tiago is most affordable if we talk about the proper hatchback car, Tata Tiago EV is the best affordable and proper hatchback car available in India as of now.

MG hector has also launched MG Comet EV but in terms of looks and practicality it does not match Tata Tiago EV.

Tata Tiago EV starts at just Rs 8.69 lacs.

Tata Tiago EV booking

You can book the Tata Tiago EV from your home itself, In just Rs 21000, All you need to do is select your car variants, color and dealer. Book your car now

Tata Tiago EV Mileage

KITNA DETI HAI” or milage is not the correct measure in terms of pure EV vehicles. but the cost of full charge, divided by total kilometres in one charge can give you fair per km cost, or cost of running.

If we talk about the Tata Tiago EV then full charge at home will cost you Rs 210 approximately depending upon the unit rates, Varies place to place. The practical on road single charge range is 200Km.

So if you calculate the cost per KM is Rs 1 Only and the official website claims it to 0.78 Paisa/ Kilometer. This cost is almost 5 times cheaper than Petrol or Diesel cars.

Tata Tiago EV Range

Comes in 2 variants LR and MR, LR is long Range and MR means Medium range. Tata Tiago EV Range is claiming a range of 250 Km in MR variant and 315Km in LR variant, whereas the practical on road range is 200 Km. Assuming 20% less as per company claim, But this range depends on the driving style and speed. Also the city drive and highway drive will impact your range.

Tata Tiago EV Battery Price

2 Different types of battery are used based on MR and LR variants. MR has a 19KWH battery and the LR variant has a 23KhW battery.

Tata motors has not declared the cost of battery, but the cost of EV battery replacement will be Rs 23000 /KWh

Tata Tiago EV Review

The Tata Tiago EV is regarded as an affordable and practical electric vehicle option. It is an electric variant of the popular Tata Tiago hatchback and offers a clean and sustainable mode of transportation. The Tiago EV features an electric powertrain, providing efficient performance with quick acceleration and impressive torque. This car was launched in Sept 2022, the advance booking started from 10th October, 2022. the delivery was started from 3rd Feb, 2023.

The ownership time is not very long, but still this video will help you in taking your decision.

You can book your Tata Tiago EV online

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Frequently asked Questions

Question1: Tata Tiago EV battery Price?

Answer: Tata Tiago battery cost is still not revealed but the average cost per KWH will Rs20000 per KWH

Question2: Tata Tiago EV Range?

Answer: Tata Tiago EV range start from 250km for MR variants and 315km for LR variants.

Question3: Tata Tiago EV Price on road?

Answer: Tata Tiago EV on road price for base model will be Rs 9.5 lacs (Approx acutal price will differ based on city or state)

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