Which Car To Buy In India 2023?

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It’s difficult for me to recommend a specific car to buy in India in 2023, In this article, we will clarify, which car to buy in India 2023 and share a list of upcoming cars in India 2023, as there are many factors to consider and the market for cars is constantly changing. Some things to consider when choosing a car include your budget, the size of the car (e.g. compact, mid-size, full-size), the purpose for which you will use the car (e.g. commuting, long trips, off-road driving), and any specific features or technologies that you are looking for.

Things to consider before buying a car.

  • Fuel Type- Electric, Petrol, Diesel, Hybrid.
  • Fuel Efficiency- Need to be more efficient if using car for office or business purpose.
  • Safety ratings- Safety comes first no matter, what’s your budget but do not comprise on this.
  • Uses of Car – Adventure, Long travel, Highway travel, office commuting, With in city use only, Rural Area uses, & Off road.

Selection of car based on uses

Which car is best for daily use in India?

Office Goers car, Best cars for city driving in India, Best Daily Commuter Cars in India 2023, Ideally the best car for office goers should be Compact, Fuel efficient and Low on maintenance. With high resale value.

Best car under 5 lakhs

Maruti Alto, Maruti Espresso, Renault Kwid, The base price will start from 3.99 lacs to 5 lacs and On road price will be close to 5 lacs to 5.5 lacs, for the medium version with AC , Power Staring, Power window. For city use this will be perfect commuter with less pain on pocket and resale value in this segment will be very high, even after using the car for 4-5 years you can sell and recover 50% of its cost. Added advantage will be better fuel efficiency, Easy parking and Low on maintenance. If you are living in cities where CNG is available, you can for CNG options as well but further cost will increase it to 10%- 12%.

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Best Cars Under 8 Lakh

Looking for comfort and looks together and have increase budget than go for Hyundai Venue, Kia Sonnet and Honda Amaze. These 3 cars are best for city uses and elegant in looks. Price range – 7.5 lacs for base model at Ex Showroom price. My personal preference when it comes to looks, Mileage and Performance – Go for Hyundai Venue.

Best car for Rural Area

Best car for rough roads in India | What are the best Indian cars for village roads? While choosing car for Rural Area, you need to focus more on Suspension, Strong build Quality, rough uses, less complex interior options, and great power, to overcome the situations of muddy roads, The top 3 vehicles which can be used as utility vehicle for rural India are Mahindra Bolero & Scorpio, If the budget is not a concern than go for Fortuner.

Off-road cars in India | Best off-road SUV in India | best 4×4 off-road cars in India

Best off road cars need two basic things. 1- 4×4 drive and High Ground clearance with heavy Build Quality. Best 2 option available for Indian Markets are – Mahindra Thar and Gurkha, the base model for both starts with 14.5 lacs for 4W Drive.

Ultimately, the best car for you will depend on your personal preferences, budget, and needs. By considering these factors and doing your research, you can find a car that meets your needs and fits your budget.

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Frequently asked Questions.

Q1. Which car is best in India?


  1. Maruti Suzuki Swift: A compact hatchback known for its fuel efficiency, reliability, and sporty design.
  2. Hyundai Creta: A popular compact SUV with stylish looks, spacious interiors, and a range of features.
  3. Honda City: A mid-size sedan with a comfortable ride, refined engine, and advanced safety features.
  4. Mahindra Thar: An iconic off-road SUV that combines ruggedness with modern features and improved comfort.
  5. Tata Nexon: A compact SUV offering a blend of safety, performance, and value for money.
  6. Kia Seltos: A feature-packed compact SUV with a striking design, premium interiors, and multiple engine options.
  7. Toyota Innova Crysta: A reliable and spacious MPV known for its comfort, versatility, and strong build quality.
  8. BMW 3 Series: A luxury sedan with powerful engines, elegant styling, and advanced technology features.

Q2 Best car brand in India?


  1. Maruti Suzuki: Known for its extensive range of affordable and fuel-efficient cars, Maruti Suzuki has been the leading car brand in India for many years.
  2. Hyundai: Hyundai is known for its stylish designs, feature-rich cars, and competitive pricing. It has gained a significant market share and a strong reputation in India.
  3. Tata Motors: Tata Motors has made a strong comeback in the Indian market with its lineup of well-built and value-for-money cars, focusing on safety and advanced features.

Q3 Upcoming cars in India 2023?

Answer: In 2023 the focus of all is EV, Check the detail article on EV.

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