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Citroen is a French Automobile brand started in 1919. In India they started their assembly plant with joint venture with Birla group in 2019. Citroen India launched there first car Citroen C3 in September 2022, after the launch of C5 Aircross. Citroen C3 was gained it popularity because of the price range and looks. The price of the hatch back Citroen EV was just Rs 5.99 lakh.

Citroen EV Variants | Citroen EC3 Variants

Citroen India has launched four cars till the time in India, All the cars are 90% made in India at there Thiruvallur facility. Citroen C3 is the first electric vehicle launched by company in India, Citroen EC3 comes with 3 variants LIVE, FEEL and FEEL DT. The price range (Ex Showroom) starts with 11.50 lakh for base model.

Citroen EC3 Price

Citroen India has launched 3 variants of Citroen EC3, LIVE, FEEL and FEEL DT, LIVE to be considered as base model and Feel is there top model, For base model the pricing has been done at 11.50 lakh, FEEL the mid model is priced at Rs 12.43 lakh and for top model FEET DT the prices are 12.76 lakh, These prices are EX showroom prices and actual on road prices may be different from state to state. Depending upon Road Taxes and subsidy offered by State government.

Base variant is missing with Power Windows, Music System, DRLs and Adjustable seats, whereas the suspension, Tyre size and engine are same in all variants.

Citroen EV Mileage | Citroen E-C3 Mileage

Citroen India has claimed a mileage of 320 km for both the variants, This is a ARAI mileage and actual mileage could be differ from claimed mileage based the driving pattern and condition of traffic.

User has claimed that Citroen EC3 on road mileage to be 230-240km.

Citroen EV Range | Citroen E-C3 Range

The official range of Citroen EC3 is 320km or 200 miles per charge.

Citroen EV Battery Price | Citroen E-C3 Battery Price

There is no information available for EV battery price on official website of Citroen EC3, but the bases the research done by team the actual cost of battery replacement will be Rs 20000 Per KWH.

Current offer on Citroen EC3

Currently Citroen EC3 is not having any offers on its product. Its only promoting its cars with Range 320km, Charging time 57 minutes, Battery Warranty for 7 years or 140000km and vehicle warranty of 3 year or 125000km. The Citroen EC3 is available in 4 Mono tone colors and 9 dual tone colors.

Citroen EC3 Vs Others

Citroen EC3 seems to be costly when compare to its next rival Tata Tiago EV, The price difference is almost

Should I buy Citroen EC3

Where to buy Citroen EC3

Customer can buy Citroen from nearest dealers or they could buy it online as well as Citroen is first car manufacture company offering home delivery of its vehicle. Book your car online

Citroen EV Review | Citroen E-C3 Review

Total rating of 4.1 has been scored by Customers based on 15 reviews on Check the details review by customers, Watch the below video of genuine owner.

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